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Classic Collection
Revenge® R2O
Revenge® R3O
Revenge® 2-Bottle Belt
Revenge® 4-Bottle Belt
Revenge® R2O
Revenge® R3O
Revenge® R2O
Revenge® R3O
Helium® 2-Bottle
Helium® 4-Bottle
Revenge® Series
2 Bottle Custom Fit
- Black
4 Bottle Custom Fit
- Black
- Dragonfruit
- Atlantic Breeze
- The Brazilian
- Hawaiian Punch
- Arctic Blue
- Black
- Electric Lime
- Juicy O'Riley
- Hibiscus Pink
- Royal Blue
- Silver
- Terenzo
- White Panda
- Atlantic Breeze
- Hawaiian Punch
- Black

The Revenge® Series is a break through in hydration belt design and function. One handed entry and exit has never been easier with our unique and cleverly designed molded holsters. With just one hand, our bottles go in fast and come out faster. The great news is that these holsters will work with all past and present FuelBelt bottles. The new design is super lightweight and available in both a Custom Fit (S, M, L) and a One Size Fits All. As if that's not enough, our new color ways come directly from some of the greatest endurance athletes of our time including Terenzo Bozzone, Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington.


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