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chrissie wellington
Chrissie Wellington
“Fuelbelt products help me carry all the fuel I need, powering me to be the best athlete I can be.”
- 3x Ironman World Champion
craig alexander
Craig Alexander
“Success at Ironman racing is largely dependant upon nutrition. that is why in my debut at the Ironman world Championships in Kona, I chose Fuel Belt to help me implement my nutrition plan.”
- 2x Ironman World Champion, Ironman 70.3 World Champion
cameron brown
Cameron Brown
“My fuel belt has been a fantastic training tool, it not only helps me keep hydrated but enables me to recover faster as I'm not dehydrated at the finish of my training sessions, especially when I'm in a very hot humid climate. When you're out on a 2-3hr bush or trail run then there's no other option to not carry fluid, there's no bottles bouncing around, my fuelbelt fits snuggly to my body without hampering my running form. I have never done an Ironman without my fuel belt, it enables me to use my own fluid out on the course and I don't have to use something that I may not like, there are a lot of electrolyte drinks that don't agree with my stomach so I take on my own tried and true tested drinks!”
- 9x Ironman New Zealand Champion, 2nd Place Ironman World Championships
chris mccormack
Chris McCormack
“FuelBelt has been great primarily in my racing. I am able to carry the products I use in training during the race and not rely on the products supplied by race directors and not what I am used to. During training during my longer runs I am able to carry the fuel and practice what I will be executing in the event. They are a cool product that I access many times during a week. For racing I would not start an Ironman event without my fuelbelt.”
- Ironman World Champion, 2006 Triathlete of the Year
dede griesbauer
Dede Griesbauer
“Fuel Belt products have made a HUGE difference in my races. I used to rely on the nutrition that was offered on the course, figuring that was easiest. I was plagued by terrible GI problems in nearly every Ironman. Now with Fuel Belt products, I can carry the nutrition that I need to have my best day out on the race course comfortably and easily!”
- Ironman UK Champion, 2-time Top 10 Female at Ironman World Championships
rutger beke
Rutger Beke
“On raceday without my fuel belt I wouldn't be able to use my own energy drink and for my racing this is essential. On long runs when I am training I also use my fuelbelt very often. It's so easy to use and again you have your energy drinks with you at all time.”
- Ironman Arizona Champion, 3rd Place Ironman World Championships
chris lieto
Chris Lieto
“It is important to make sure you do not deplete your body both in training and racing. Fuel Belt helps you perform at your best and to make sure you get the best out of your workout and able to get back at it the next day.”
- 3 Time Ironman Champion, 6th Place Ironman World Championships
luke mckenzie
Luke McKenzie
“My FuelBelt allows me to train with my nutrition on hand and prepare well for race day. My FuelBelt is a vital part of my Ironman nutrition strategy as I can have all my needs on hand to power me to the finish line.”
- Ironman Japan Champion, 3rd Place Ironman Western Australia, 5th Place Ironman Australia
lisa bentley
Lisa Bentley
“Fuel Belt allows me to easily carry the nutrition that I need to be successful in an endurance event whether that is in a race (70.3 or Ironman) or in training for those races.”
- 5x Ironman Australia Champion, 3rd Place Ironman World Championships
kim loeffler
Kim Loeffler
“Before I started using Fuel Belt products I would have to drive my run loop and place bottles out every 4 miles. This was time consuming and not as effective because I would have to stop every time I wanted to drink. Now I throw on the Helium 2, fill it with Powerbar Endurance and I am good to go. There is no stopping and I get to practice drinking and eating just like I do when I race.”
- Ironman Cancun 70.3 Champion, 2nd Place Ironman Lake Placid
bryan rhodes
Bryan Rhodes
“Fuel Belt has helped me in training because I don't have to stop for drinks on my long runs! Also I believe that the Fuel Belt helps hold my running form and posture. In racing it helps me carry the nutrition that I train with and then that won't upset my stomach.”
- 4x Ironman Champion
alex mroszczyk-mcdonald
Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald
“To race and train at a consistent and demanding level it is imperative to fuel properly during workouts. Fuel Belt products make this possible by providing a variety of comfortable and stylish equipment and gear that provide customization and the flexibility to meet the nutritional demands of both training and race day. Not only that they are comfortable and durable to meet my needs day after day.”
- Ironman Lake Placid Champion, Amateur Ironman World Champion
karen smyers
Karen Smyers
“Fuelbelt has reliable, smart products that always seem to fulfill my needs, sometimes before I even realized I had the need! The belt is the perfect solution for when I am going on a long run and don't want to loop back constantly to get my calories or fluids.”
- Ironman World Champion
spencer smith
Spencer Smith
Spencer has been racing triathlons since a young teenager. He's accumulated an incredible number of wins at both short course (including the World Championship titles!), long course and has earned wins at Ironman Brazil and Ironman Florida. He has two ITU World Championships at the Olympic triathlon distance and raced to a second place finish at the 2006 Ford Ironman Arizona. He's quite personable and works very hard to be at the top of the sport.
- Ironman Florida Champion, Ironman Brazil Champion
petr vabrousek
Petr Vabrousek
Petr is well known for the number of Ironman distance races he does in a year. We believe he has up to 77 ironman distance races under his "Fuel Belt" and will exceed 90 in 2009. He has won countless races and has been on the podium with an ever consistent 2:50 level marathon time. Consistent, committed and quite a family man.
- 2nd Place Ironman Wisconsin, 2nd Place Ironman Japan, 2nd Place Ironman Malaysia, 2nd Place Ironman Lake Placid, 2nd Place ITU Long Distance World Cup overall in 2008 (1st in 2006)
gordo byrn
Gordo Byrn
“I've tried everything out there and Fuel Belt is the best system for my run needs. I use Fuel Belt because they're the best belt for the job. Back mounted hydration systems change my running gait, Fuel Belt is the most natural solution for a runner's needs. Vinu's the man!”
- Ultra Man Champion, 2nd Place Ironman Canada
scott molina
Scott Molina
“Even before I won in Kona while carrying my own fuel on the run I fully understood the importance of proper fueling and hydration in long hard events. It wasn't until Fuel Belt came along though that the idea became a practical reality for most people in triathlons. I've been using Fuel Belts since Day 1. On most of my training sessions I don't have aid stations every few miles.  Many of my runs I don't see another person for an hour or more. I take everything I need in my Fuel Belt every run.”
- Ironman World Champion
marilyn macdonald
Marilyn MacDonald
“I spend my year following the sun to train, that means being in some very hot places at times. I couldn't get through my run training without a Fuel Belt. I carry my water and calories to get me through the miles and in addition clip my trusty Ipod to my belt to keep me boogieing along. I always have my keys and extra's tucked away in the pocket. With all this....I get through my training successfully and show up race day fit.”
- 2nd Place Ironman France
herve faure
Herve Faure
“When I started working with FuelBelt, I have to admit that at first I was not too eager to wear a belt during my Ironman marathons, I now almost feel naked without it. It played an important role during the 2006 IM France where I placed second and certainly at the Embrunman Ironman where I won while setting a new course record. Being able to wear my own drinks and not having to rely entirely on the feeding zones brought a valuable level of comfort. I am therefore pleased to be associated with such a brand that precisely understands the needs of endurance athletes. Thank you.”
- Ironman France Champion, Embrunman Champion
Chris McDonald
Luke Bell
Patrick McCrann
chris mcdonald
luke bell
patrick mccrann
Hillary Biscay
Heather Gollnick
Justin Daerr
hillary biscay
heather gollnick
chris mcdonald
Ronnie Schildknecht
Rebekah Keat
Karen Holloway
ronnie schildknecht
rebecca keat
karen holloway
Dave Nerrow
Bjorn Andersson
Kieran Doe
chris mcdonald
bjorn anderson
kieran doe
Donna Phelan
Ethan Brown
Lisbeth Kenyon
donna phelan
ethan brown
lisbeth kenyon
Peter Russo
Mike Ingardia
peter russo
mike ingardia
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